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22, female, just graduated in BA (Hons) Business Management, and now I am pursuing a master's in Museum Studies in the UK. I am a human right activist, was president of the Abertay Amnesty International. In 2018, I got elected as PR and Social Officer of an acting student society. I had business internships in the marketing and HR department. I also have experience with video editing (sony Vegas pro 14).

Skilled inproject management design strategy sony vegas 14 wordpress web dev management hr business marketing creative writing acting museums art galleries video editing 
Fluent in englishitalianarabicspanishfrench
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year

Side Projects

2020 - Now: Finishing my poetry collection

2020 - Now: Finishing my dramatic novel

2019 - 2020: President of Abertay Amnesty International

2018 - 2019: PR and Social Officer of SAL Drama Society


2019 - 2019: HR Internship @ DC Thomson

2016 - 2016: Management Internship @ Giardini SPA


2020 - Now: MA Museum Studies @ Leicester University

2020 - 2020: Acting lab ( Adult acting course) @ Abertay University

2017 - 2020: BA (Hons) Business Management @ Abertay University

2012 - 2017: A Level Certificate (Diploma in International Relations and Marketing) @ Istituto Tecnico Luigi Casale

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