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'Ha, there you are!'

We were feeling stressed. Our heads were cluttered and cloudy from too many laptop hours - let's get out of here.

We decided to make a road trip up North, to Medewi, to surf the longest left of Bali.

It was getting dark; we arrived much later than expected. Surprisingly, we still managed to squeeze in a one-wave evening surf before last light.

The next morning, after a serene 'sunrise sesh', we crossed the isle's giant jungles and remote villages on our way to explore Amed.

A five-hour scooter ride took us over the highest and coldest road of the island. Do you know what a cool breeze smells like? I never fully realized that cold air could have a smell, until that breeze reminded me of home.

In Amed, we rented a small house right on the beach. You'd literally step out onto the sand from your room. There's nothing better than falling asleep and waking up with the sound of the ocean. Eight dollars a night. Crisis prices.

That evening, for the second night in a row, I realized that I forgot to bring my contact case.

I had my sterile contact liquid, just not the case to keep them in during the night.

I had already slept with my contacts in the night before, and my eyes were getting red, dry and started to hurt. It was pitch black outside and the stores were closed.

'Ughh, I really shouldn't sleep one more night with my contacts in', I sighed, but I couldn't throw them away. We still had a long drive back the next day.

I started combing through the room.

First calmly..

'Any glass, cup, or other shape to store my contacts in?'

..then with slowly increasing stress..

'I'm pretty sure there should be something in the bathroom?!’

..and frantically at last.

This corner? No.

Anything outside? No.

Inside my bag? Nothing.

After about five minutes, I paused, and took a sip of water.

'Ok Pier, relax. Slow down. It's ok. You'll find something. I trust I will. You know what? Let's make this an experiment, to test the value of being present. Let’s see that if I could be here now, the solution will show up right in front of me.. Ok.. Keep it simple, breathe... Sink back into your feet..'

As I came back down into the now, I felt my shoulders relax and my vision widen.

And suddenly..

'Ha, there you are!' I laughed out loud.

There it was, right in front of my eyes, tightly squeezed between my very fingertips..

The water bottle cap.



How often in life

is everything we need

right in front of our noses

if we just slowed down?


How can I help you?

Sometimes we think we need to go faster to be better. To do more to do more. Most often, it's exactly the opposite. All your business is, is the current experience of your customer going through the next step.

I strongly believe in product-led growth. Growth from the inside out. That means, making the experience o.u.t.s.t.a.n.d.i.n.g. in the first place, for the current customers, so that your business itself becomes shareable. It's not always the easiest way, but it's the only way if you really want to be here for a while.

Once that's perfect, we can look at boosting the top of the funnel in different, creative ways that people will actually remember.

Your business is a reflection of yourself and your people. To be businesses that the world truly needs, you first need to be the people that the world needs. To be the people that the world needs, you need to be the person that you need.


I am currently co-leading a 6 person team at my business, Coworksurf.

BC, we grew it to $80K worth of booking requests for our partners per month. It's looking up again, but right now I will have to pick up some extra part-time work to bridge the gap. Need an extra set of hands?

- I studied business innovation & social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
- Sold my first startup, Wordeys, a language learning app (not for life-changing money, but I was still proud)
- Added ~$1M revenue ARR during my incredible traineeship at (but everyone could have done it)
- Strong understanding of #nocode tools and how to build out ideas and experiments fast.

I love to work together with people who care. If that's you, I can't wait to jump on a video call.

Life is now.

Thanks for listening,


Skilled ingrowth hacking marketing copywriting ux ui marketing strategy innovation community building project management sharpnocode html css zapier squarespace sharetribe drift sharetribe paid ads cold sales and more 
Fluent in englishdutchindonesian
Preferred timezoneCentral Indonesian Time (GMT+8)
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year


2020 - 2020: Member @ LinkedIn

2019 - 2019: Growth Marketer @ Growth Tribe

2017 - Now: Cofounder @ Coworksurf

2015 - 2017: Cofounder @ Wordeys


2016 - 2016: Social Entrepreneurship @ Knowmads Alternative Business School

2014 - 2019: Business Innovation @ University Of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

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