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Remote worker in with 31+ years of experience - Last seen

Introduction / Synopsys: Electronic Design / Electronic Test / Embedded Systems Engineer

Microcontroller: (30+ Years), Analog, Digital, RF, Mixed-Signal, I/O, Audio, High Speed, Wireless, ADC, DAC, FPGA. Hardware / Embedded Firmware: C, C++, Assy, Bare-Bones / Bare-Metal, Emulators, uC design, JTag Debuggers. Lab Equipment: Scopes, Meters, PS Loads, Spectrum Analyzers. Legacy Logic Families: Characteristics well understood (74TTL, 74LSTTL, CD4000, 74HC, 74AHC, LVDS, LVT, ECL, PECL), timing, thresholds, mixed signal applications, digital design modernization. Design Experience: Schematic design EDA, DFT, CAD, PCB, BOM creation, Expert Witness, Technical writing (English first language). Simultaneous debug of Battery Management Systems: LIon, LiFePO4, LTO, Lead-Acid / Gel-Cells. Power Supplies: AC/DC, DC/DC converters, Wiring-harness design. R&D: Product development, hands-on engineering including Regulated Environments: Aerospace, Military (Multiple regulations), Medical (ISO-13485), Industrial, Commercial, Design Validation / Verification, Manufacturing, component obsolescence, remediation, DFMEA, WCCA Test fixture design and Documentation, Root Cause Analysis. Magnetics: Field familiarity / Tesla units. RoHS-1, RoHS-2 Familiarity: Solder compliance and military exemptions (min. 5% lead). EMI Testing / Compliance, Part-15 A / B. Additional Support: Project Leader / Manager, Board Owner, Production Liaison, Purchasing Support, Technical Support and Component Engineering, System Engineering Support. Power Distribution: (3.3V, 5V, 120/240 VAC, High Voltage). Automotive: 12V / 28V, OBD2 250/500 Kbit/s knowledge. Have worked per Medical regulations. Most areas of science understood. Extensive RF background.

Skilled inexperience and knowledge deep understanding experience hardware firmware engineering standards hardware digital logicttl legacy 74xx tiny logicanalogadcdacrfdftmixed signalvideoplldlldpll embedded firmware c c plus plusbare metalboard bring upriotlinuxbmchal device drivers c programming 25 yrs cc plus plusassypythoncooperative multitasking time dispatch state machines scripting languages threadx digital logic 74hc74hctlvtcd4000lvclvxttllsttlecllvecl output loadinginput loading cmos capacitivelogic thresholdssetup hold timing employed in clocked systemssramsddrd flip flopsregistersetc discrete semiconductor passive discrete component levelactive bjtsmosfetsigbtssicfetsganfetjfets battery management system design lithium ionlithium iron phosphatelithium titanatelead acidnickel metal hydride i o discretei2cspianalogdigitalscalingself diagnosticsafety margins mil std 1547 deratingtvs and esd protection power supply buckbooststep upfly backbattery backupinverterbms chargingcuki2c controlsingle phase three phase switching power supply design dc to dc converters inverters typically80 90 efficientfamiliar mil std704 mil std 1275e analog design low noise analogop ampsmixed signalaudio including class dasic and power supplyincluding pcb layout memory static sramdynamicsynchronous refreshflashslcnandnorsddr ddr2ddr3 solid on refreshreadwrite high power peripheral drivers solenoidsplcbrushless dc motor driveflow controllersflow sensorspumpsproportional valves motor control servo loop applications actuatorswheatstone bridgeload cellsresolution tracking resolver to digital conversion for angular motor position trackingmedical pumps plc programingcontrol and interfacevoice coil motor driver wiring integrity ipc 620 ewis electrical wiring interconnection system wiring harness cable design nasa 8739 4 signal integrity balanced differential signalingimpedance matchinghigh speed digital signalingterminations programmable logic cpldsfpgas and asics with on board mixed signal communications bluetoothspii2csmbuspmbusrs232rs422rs485dmx 512usblvdsfskhartethernetethercatcanserdesinfrared rapidioobd2 auto interfacevaries between manfs microcontrollers arm m6 m7picmsp43080518052z8068xx6502x868748tms320 c2000idesdebuggersemulators sensors i2cspicanlinmemsgpsvoltagecurrentpirinfraredthermalpressurealtitudeproximitywheatstone bridge schematic capture cad pcb dfm eda altiumcadence allegrocadstarkicadmentor graphicspadsorcadsunstoneemi emc compliance rf fcc part 15a bmil std 461emi emc design testingminiature transmitter designmicrowave military telephony and modem fcc part 68 pots daatvs esdtransient voltage and lightning protection solar power technology familiaritygained through research and strong interest component engineering work closely with suppliers and manufacturers cems bomssample qualification documentation expert witnesstechnical writingfailure analysisbomsproductionerptech and purchasing support laboratory equipment familiar with standard equipment oscilloscopesmetersspectrum analyzerslogic analyzersdvmsetc document guidelines do 254dscc military part numbersmil std 1547 derating and mil std 704edo 160do 178b limited rf military microwave 5ghztropospheric scatter 2 4ghztransmittersreceiverstelemetry equipmentfiltersmixerslnasplls rf commercial bluetoothwififm am transmissionfm stereo 38khz subcarrier exprf designtuned antennas wireless radio ism communications transmitter receiver designs 433mhz 915mhzmesh networkingup to 2 4ghz pwm led driver design vasi visual approach slope indicator using leds mems devices accelerometersgyroscopes and geomagnetic sensors spi i2c interface support software gitlabviewspicequartuspspicematlabgit cmltspicewindchillexceloutlookprojectvisioword thermal familiar with thermo couplessemiconductor temperature sensors spi i2c microcontroller interface test design design for test dft familiar with testing test equipment design logic leveluc adc feedbacki2c adcspi adc regulated environments employed environmental regulation standards procedures 30 years such as emi emcmilitarymedical iso 13485industrialautomotive temperatures 55 125 c use of mil std 1547 derating in designs safety design vital related safety design thermal creepage clearance grounding fail safe leakage ex standards such as iec 60950
Fluent in english 1st languagesome familiarity with hebrew spanish
Preferred timezoneEC, USA
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year


1990 - 2020: Sr. Design Engineer @ Veeder Root


1972 - 1977: CS @ Nova SEU

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