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I'm the creator of Read2Me, a lifelike text-to-speech startup (link in my portfolio) which started as an idea while driving to work and turned into both B2C web app (with more than 1,500 users as of the time of writing, coming organically without advertising) and a B2B product.

I've started doing web development in 2002 when I was 10 years old as a hobby, worked on smaller projects for various companies in my home country throughout the years and finally turned full-time software developer in 2015.

My skills are:
Expert: PHP
Advanced: MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, APIs, audio on the web, unit testing
Intermediate: AWS, scraping, git, iCalendar, Heroku
Junior: Laravel, React, Ionic (one large project with each as of right now) and (multiple small projects)

Some of the things I've done:
- implemented Search on BigData-sized but still very inexpensive MySQL server- made millions of rows searchable within milliseconds
- developed a PHP SDK for AssemblyPayments, an online payments platform, which is used by their clients
- Utilized microservices design via AWS SQS and RabbitMQ
- Set up "VPN split tunneling", meaning you can use a cheap VPN provider in a programmatic way from the code and the command line (very useful for scraping)
- WebSockets using Pusher, the quickest way to make a web app or a program real-time
- Online payments using Braintree and Stripe
- Redis and Memcached for caching and storage
- ElasticSearch for search
- Linux administration
- Google Cloud and AWS automation (e.g. daily backups)
- email APIs (SendGrid, Postmark, Mailgun and Mailchimp)
- Twilio for SMS and calls
- Swagger for APIs
- Puppeteer for automated browsing

Some of my roles:
- Founder of Read2Me, an online service and a startup I created entirely by myself (and was joined by business people after the product was built and launched)
- CTO at Major Scale Analytics, an analytics-driven, research and trading platform using data science to allocate investments in live event ticketing, where I built a system from scratch that collects supply and demand data from live event ticketing, makes it searchable and human-readable at scale.
- Software engineer for HosPortal, Australia's leading provider of medical and hospital rostering for hospital staff, where I worked directly with the CEO to build features, improve scalability, fix issues, monitor the situation when needed, helped ensure the product had a 100% uptime due to its extremely sensitive nature and much more
- Software engineer at Net2Grid, a company providing energy insights (e.g. how to reduce your electricity bill) based on smart meter data.

I'm also a traveler who has lived in different parts of the world, namely Europe, Asia and Australia.

Skilled inphp aws mysql big data react jquery css js html microservices heroku 
Fluent in croatianenglish
Preferred timezoneutc-6
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year


2019 - Now: CTO @ Major Scale Analytics

2016 - Now: Founder @ Read2Me

2016 - Now: Software developer @ HosPortal

2016 - 2016: Software engineer @ Net2Grid

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