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Remote worker in with 11+ years of experience - Last seen

Sr React Developer & UI/UX Designer. Passionate about open source, accessibility.

Hi, my name’s Hugh Guiney (🗣 GUY-knee). I’m a UX Developer, which means I design and code thoughtful digital products. I’ve worked with organizations of all sizes, from startups to SMBs to household names. In my spare time I build open-source software, make movies, and study Japanese.

Companies I’ve worked with:
🏃‍♂️ Runkeeper
💚 Oxfam
🦁 Publicis Sapient
🏦 Citizens Bank
🎮 WB Games
👟 Reebok
📰 The Boston Globe

The hughx Advantage:

🐖 Economical.
With traditional app development, there are two main phases: design and development.

First, the designer creates mockups—a series of pictures of what the app will look like. Then the developer translates those pictures into actual code. This duplicates the work of the designer, costing you time and money. Often the designer lacks technical knowledge. At best, this makes the developer’s job harder. At worst this means design revisions. Either way it means more time and more money.

There’s a better way. As a hybrid designer–developer, I don’t do mockups—only functional prototypes. That way you can feel what the product will be like, rather than just imagine it. And with fewer cooks in the kitchen, you get to launch and iterate faster.

♿️ Empathetic.
50% of the world’s population isn’t online yet¹, but they soon will be. As this happens, they will largely arrive by way of mobile, not desktop. And not on the iPhone 11, either—more like the iPhone from 2011. This means sites and apps designed for Westerners with the latest tech will break for the rest of the world.

I believe the Internet should be for everyone. I keep accessibility, performance, and user friendliness top-of-mind at every stage of development. This helps your product reach the broadest possible audience. It’s not just good karma, it’s good business.

🏛 Engineered.
Just because you’re moving fast doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. Today’s MVP is tomorrow’s legacy codebase. Left unpaid, technical debt manifests as bottlenecks. New features start to break old ones. The app slows to a crawl, increasing bounce rate and costing you sales. Current employees get pulled away from product work to help onboard new employees.

Contracting with hughx is an insurance policy against code rot. Modular functions, unit tests, and detailed documentation all come standard. If your customers don’t thank you, your dev team will.

¹ Source: Statistics on ITU (

Skilled inweb dev ux dev design html html5 css css3 js es6 react node ux ui dx accessibility technical writing documentation branding content marketing remote work 
Fluent in english
Preferred timezone-4
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year

Side Projects

2016 - Now: RedBlue


2020 - Now: Senior React Developer & UI/UX Designer @ City of Boston

2019 - 2020: Senior Full-stack Developer & UI/UX Designer @ Jimaworks

2019 - 2019: Senior React Developer & UI/UX Designer @ Bountium

2017 - 2017: Senior Software Engineer @ 3Play Media

2017 - 2017: Senior Front-end Developer @ COMFORT Communication Project

2016 - 2016: Senior UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer @ Oxfam America

2015 - 2016: Senior Full-stack Developer & UI/UX Designer @ Vendate

2014 - 2014: Senior Front-end Developer @ The Boston Globe

2014 - 2014: Senior Front-end Developer @ The Hartford

2013 - 2014: Senior Front-end Developer @ WB Games

2013 - 2013: Senior Front-end Developer @ Citizens Bank

2012 - 2013: Lead Marketing Developer @ Promoboxx

2012 - 2013: Web Developer @ Three Leaves

2012 - 2012: UI Engineer @ Runkeeper

2011 - 2012: Web Developer @ Vitogo

2011 - 2012: Web Developer @ Bionic Hippo

2011 - 2011: Web Developer @ StereoPill

2010 - 2011: Web Designer & Developer @ Save the Harbor / Save the Bay


2006 - 2007: Dropout @ University of Massachusetts Boston

2000 - 2006: Alumnus @ Boston Latin Academy

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