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Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Nance. I currently am living in Los Angeles, but will be making a move to be a remote nomad once the world opens up more from the pandemic. Hopefully in 2022 I'll be more on the move, but right now in the mean time I'm trying to establish more remote style work. I'm mostly looking for audio and video multimedia style projects. However, I can also do graphic design, photography, and web design work. I'm also not shy about during virtual assistant work so please contact me if you need help in one of these areas.

Skilled inaudio and video multimedia audio editing video editing administration virtual assistant graphic design photography web design brochures newsletters flyers infographics database data entry music music score voiceover teaching tutoring 
Fluent in english
Preferred timezonePacific
Preferred salary:$/year to $/year


2013 - Now: Database Specialist @ Braille Institute


2019 - Now: Masters of Education in Educational Technology @ University of Arkansas

2013 - 2019: Film Production @ Los Angeles City College

1994 - 1998: Music Production and Engineering @ Berklee College of Music

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